PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) appears on the search results pages for sites such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.  The ad is shown when an appropriate keyword is used in a search query.  We have experience with all of the major PPC providers (e.g., Google AdWords) and most of the 2nd Tier providers.

Mendicant Marketing is in the top 1% of all PPC advertisers due to its ad campaigns delivering 100% impression share, which less than 1% of all advertisers across all categories ever achieves (as measured by AdGooroo and iSpionage). Less than 3% of all advertisers have above a 70% impression share and those 3% receive 50% of all available traffic.

Mendicant Marketing has developed tools, strategies and processes which have given it the ability to become the dominant player in any category. Mendicant Marketing currently has three clients in competitive markets who are the number one advertiser in their industry.

There is a case study available of how Mendicant Marketing dominated the hyper-competitive online dating category and took its client from a 40 share of market to a 90 share of market while also delivering a 300% increase in sales and a 23% CAGR and improved profit margins. To qualify to receive this case study, please go to the contact page and send us a message telling us a little bit about who you are and if we can be of further assistance to you.