Internet Marketing is the Best Way to Find New Customers in Your Service Area

During these tough economic times business owners and companies are looking for ways to reduce overhead and create cost-effective ways to generate new customers and more revenue.  Local search marketing can and will help your company generate the new customers you need to grow your business.  Here are some reasons why:

PPC Marketing is Cost Effective

Local search marketing is the most cost effective way to find new customers in today’s economy. Internet marketing tactics, such as search engine optimization, powerful web design, pay per click campaigns (PPC), etc. puts you in front of your potential customers online that are in the market and looking for the goods and services you provide.   Why pay $2,000/month for a Yellow Page ad that you are bound to for a year when you could pay half that on a PPC Campaign and generate better results from pre-qualified leads?  Doesn’t sound possible?  It is!   When you combine these tactics with the tracking and monitoring capabilities of internet marketing (web analytics), you have the ability to continuously improve your results over time.

Search Engine Optimization Brings More Qualified Customers to Your Website

Approximately 95% of people don’t go past the first page of search results.  If your website is not appearing on the first page of search results, we can help.

The first, and most important question to answer is “what keywords are my customers using to search for the products and services that I offer?”

We have the research capabilities to find out exactly what keywords your potential customers are typing into the Google search bar to find you.

Although keywords and location are two big variables in getting your website visible on the first page of a search, these are only two out of the more than 200 factors that Google uses to rank websites.  We have custom tools, years of experience and processes that we have developed over time, to give you the best possible chance of getting your website onto the first page of search results. This is what we specialize in and we will help your website attract pre-qualified, targeted search results, leads and bring the right customers to your site.

Why Mendicant Marketing?

We specialize in putting pre-qualified leads into your website. These leads are qualified in three ways:

  1. The customer is already on your website
  2. The customer is looking for what you sell
  3. The customer is in your service area

This is exactly the type of lead you want and these are the precise leads we can deliver to you!  This is cost effective and crucial to your advertising and marketing campaign, even more so in a bad economy!

New customer leads are delivered directly to you by phone or through your website and not through a third party that is only interested in taking a cut of the action and turning a profit at your expense. You and your customers will both be happier about being able to deal directly with each other.

The only limit to the number of potential leads you can get in a month is the number of people in your city who are looking for what you offer.

Are you ready to grow your business while also reducing your advertising and marketing budget?

If you are ready to drive pre-qualified leads and new potential customers to your website and business, then give us a call right now at 800-521-3498 or request a free quote today to see how our local Internet advertising services can help your business grow!